Tips On DIY & Professional Commercial Refrigeration Tune-Ups

davie-furnace-installationTogether, you as the Florida Commercial Refrigeration equipment owner and your professional technician can ensure you are storing your food & beverages safely. Not only will you be eliminating the risk of serving spoiled or potentially dangerous foods, you’ll enjoy the benefits of longevity for your coolers and fewer repair needs.

Air Murphy AC and Refrigeration is a Dade and Broward County Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC expert. We want to help customers who own businesses in Florida to continue with uninterrupted business services. Here are a few tips we have put together to help you along this path.

DIY Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance:

1. Watch For Cold Air Leaks – When a refrigeration unit gets older, the hinges, latches, seals, gaskets, and other areas can leak. You can check your cooler for leaks yourself. The doors should be airtight. You should feel resistance when you pull the door open. If you feel any cool air leaking out, call in a commercial refrigeration professional for inspection and repair.

2. Turn Off The Lights Inside – Leaving on the lights when you don’t need them will drive your energy bill higher. While the refrigeration unit will keep the food at the right temperature regardless, it has to work harder to do so because the lights generate heat. You can use fluorescent lights inside as they generate less heat.

3. Keep The Inside Properly Cleaned – Consult the owner’s manual of the refrigeration equipment some types may require specific cleaning methods. Don’t use bleach or any caustic chemical to clean with. And don’t use steel wool. A clean cloth should always be sufficient.

4. Set The Temperature And Defrost Frequency Correctly – The FDA, USDA, US Department of Agriculture, and others require food storage refrigeration equipment to store food at safe temperatures. Florida Health Department says safe storage for potentially hazardous foods is 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below.*

5. The Refrigeration Equipment Needs Space Around It – Blocked airflow around the outside of your commercial cooling appliance will only put a strain on the unit. This not only puts more heat into your kitchen, it shortens the life of the cooler and causes breakdowns. Make sure there is proper clearance with no supplies or objects near.

What To Expect From Professional Commercial Refrigeration Tune-Ups

  • Condenser Coil Inspection on Self Contained Refrigeration Equipment
  • Checks Condensate Drain Lines For Proper Drainage
  • Checks Door Gaskets For Proper Seal
  • Pressure Clean Condenser Coils & Drains
  • Temperature Testing
  • Refrigeration and Defrost Cycling Checks
  • Test Level of Refrigerant
  • Inspect Gaskets, Hinges, & Automated Door Closers
  • If Oil Ports Exist, Oil Motors or Bearings
  • Test Thermometer
  • Check Refrigeration Insulation
  • Inspect Wiring
  • Inspect Compressor
  • Provide Fully Written, Detailed Report

*Source: http://www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/food-safety-and-sanitation/_documents/64e-11.pdf

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