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Golden Beach Air ConditioningAir Murphy Heating and Air Conditioning is your local Dade County HVAC contractor providing professional quality, affordable prices, and fast response to insure that your home or business is working top-notch.

When upgrading or installing your Golden Beach air conditioning or heating system, it can be tempting to look for the cheapest Golden Beach HVAC contractor in hopes of saving money. Chances are, if you do, you'll be hiring someone who is unlicensed, and this can cause a multitude of problems when installing your air conditioning and heating system.

Your air conditioning system is arguably one of the most important components of your Florida home or business. It's also one of your home's or businesses most significant expenses, and has a major effect on your home and business comfort. As such a major component, you want to ensure it is working propery and receiving expert care. The professionals at Air Murphy are State A Licensed, and we stand behind our products and services by providing a Quality Service Guarantee. Air Murphy Heating and Air Condition has been in business since 1992, so you can be assured that our experts have the knowledge and the skills to take care of your air conditioning system.

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Your Golden Beach air conditioner is an efficient and intricate system. It requires professional hands when it comes to AC repairs. If your air conditioning system is in need of repairs, contact the experts at Air Murphy. As your Golden Beach HVAC contractor, we offer a full range of air conditioning services. You can rest assured that our technicians can take care of your AC repair issues quickly, efficiently, and safetly.

We service and repair all major brands and all types of Golden Beach air conditioning systems including central air, heat pumps, mini split systems, and ductless systems. Most HVAC problems can be prevented with proper regular maintenance; so if you suspect your air conditioning system is not working properly, contact us today for a tune up.

Golden Beach Indoor Air Quality

Our good health is a very important thing to look out for. Without it, our lives can take a serious turn for the worst. So how do we, Golden Beach residents, protect ourselves? Of course there are vitamins and exercises that add to our healthy lifestyles, but what about our breathing air? Granted you cannot take on changing your outdoor air, but you can change your indoor air quality. A poor breathing environment can be dangerous to your home and health.

If you are not sure about your indoor air quality, you can call your local HVAC contractor. It is important to have clean air that is free of pollen, allergens, mold, bacteria, dust mites, dander, smoke, and more harmful substances. A Golden Beach professional specializing in this field can come to your home to test for such issues so that you are able to keep your air clean and pure whenever possible. 

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    Many Golden Beach residents have home heating appliances installed in our home. But, we do not seem to pay much heed to service those gadgets until the day they have a sudden breakdown. It's important to keep your furnace or boiler in top working condition so they can adequately heat your home. But it's also an issue of comfort and health!

    Furnace repair and service isn't just about ensuring your heating system provides efficient, long-term performance. It's also about your quality of life. You may be surprised to hear that, but furnace issues can make your home less comfortable. Contact your local furnace repair contractor to learn more about heating system maintenance and your home comfort levels.

    Furnace problems can also lead to humidity issues. A key factor in your comfort, humidity imbalances can affect your personal comfort as well as the health of your home. Too much humidity can cause mold growth as well as wood warping. Too little can cause itchy skin and sore throats. Depending on your furnace type, you could also leak carbon monoxide. Let the professional, certified heating specialists at Air Murphy HVAC solve your heating repair and installation needs.

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