What’s Causing Your Commercial Air Conditioning System to Leak?

When your commercial HVAC setup begins to leak, you could be exposed to a number of other problems. In this article, we’ll teach you some common causes of this problem. With this information, you can determine the best course of action to take to rid your Florida business of this air conditioning problem.

Clogged Condensation Drain Line

A clogged condensation line can result in a buildup of condensation in your commercial air conditioning system. This excess condensation can begin to leak from other components of your AC system – the vents, for example – so when you find unusual leaks, you need to check your condensation line.

Dirty Air Filter

Should your air conditioning unit’s air filter become dirty and clogged, it won’t allow your AC to get the ventilation it needs. This lack of ventilation can lead to freezing within your air conditioning. To avoid this problem, you need to keep an eye on your air filter.

Refrigeration Leak

Not all leaks are as innocuous as water. Sometimes, that moisture may actually be refrigeration – a dangerous product to be exposed to. This problem can develop when you get a break somewhere in a refrigeration line. You’ll want to get a jump on this problem ASAP since exposure to refrigeration can lead to health issues.

A Roof Leak

Many leaks will come from your AC vents. However, not all of those leaks will derive from air conditioning issues. Many of them might actually be a product of a roofing problem. If you’ve checked your AC setup inside and out and found nothing, you may want to look up on your roof for any issues.

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