6 Signs That You Need a Furnace Replacement

Your furnace may have served your Lauderhill home well for many years, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever. There are several telltale signs that you need a new furnace, and when you detect them, you should contact a heating and commercial refrigeration company, especially if colder months are approaching.

The Accumulation of Rust, Dust, Soot, and Dirt

If rust, dust, soot, and dirt collect in your furnace for a prolonged period of time, you may need to replace your furnace. Rust and soot indicate high CO2 levels, which are very hazardous and can produce symptoms such as fatigue, disorientation, memory loss, and irritability. Additionally, your household may experience a decrease in humidity, a situation which can negatively affect the furniture, walls, woodwork, and plants in your home while causing frequent static shocks, dry eyes and skin, headaches, and itchy throats. Don’t neglect your furnace if you notice a layer of rust, dust, soot, or dirt. Instead, you should speak to your heating and commercial refrigeration contractor as soon as possible.

Inconsistent Temperature

If your household isn’t comfortable because your home isn’t heated evenly or the furnace takes a long time to warm your home after you change the thermostat, then your furnace is probably stressed from age and extensive wear and tear. Before your furnace fails you completely, you should schedule a furnace replacement.

Strange, Loud, or Persistent Sounds

Furnaces are known for making strange noises occasionally, but if the noises become irregular, loud, or persistent, you should show some concern. Rattling sounds may indicate unstable ductwork, loose screws or sheet metal, or an unbalanced lower motor. Screeching and squealing sounds may signify a problem with the inducer motor or blower motor as a result of a defective belt pulley, a loose bearing, or an old belt.

Old Furnace

Homeowners should know how old their furnaces are so that they can replace them after their useful lives. You can figure out how old your furnace is by looking up the model number or finding the owner’s manual. If your furnace is 20 years old or older, you should consider hiring a heating and commercial refrigeration contractor to replace it soon.

Rising Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed that your energy bills keep increasing every month, your furnace could be to blame. As your furnace ages and experiences normal wear and tear, it will become less efficient. When the increase in your energy costs is exorbitant, replacing your furnace is a necessity.

Frequent and Expensive Repairs

Once frequent repairs become a regular occurrence and you’re spending an excessive amount of money on them, replacing your furnace is appropriate. Generally, if a repair cost is 50 percent of the furnace replacement cost, you should invest in a furnace replacement.

If you’re expecting a furnace breakdown in your Lauderhill home in the near future, reach out to a heating and commercial refrigeration expert at Air Murphy Air Conditioning and Refrigeration and schedule a furnace replacement before that happens.

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